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Study in Australia | Education opportunities in Australia

Why Australia
Most of the Australian Universities are in the government sector and the courses are recognised worldwide. Most of the Australian Universities are listed in the best 400 Universities around the world while only four from India comes on the list.Students can work part-time 40 hours fortnightly and full time during vacations.The spouse can accompany and work full time.Post-study work visa (PSW) for 2 - 4 years after the completion of the course.Work placements to make job-ready graduates.The high number of Scholarships for Indian students in Australia.Permanent Residency (PR) opportunities.Australia is Inviting a high number of migrants every year. International students with an Australian qualification account for half of the people assessed under the skilled migrant program.Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower in Australia than they are in US and UK. However, the living standard in Australia is quite high as compared to competing nations.Australia has …